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Witness: Michael Wright
Location: Milton, Florida
Date of Encounter: May 2005

Click on image to see video – 260 KB.
Ghost Video

It was Memorial Day Weekend 2005. It was right round 12:00 AM and the temperature was around 65-70 degrees. I always talk to my spirits before I start out taking pictures or video. Well, on this night, I got confused and instead of saying Memorial Day, I said it was Veteran's Day.

Anyway, I was talking to my spirits and telling them that we were celebrating Veteran's Day, and asking the spirits if there were any soldiers here. This means Civil War soldiers, too.

I kept talking, and it wasn't until I got back into my house that I realized that I had captured something very strange on the video camera. If you look to the left of the screen by the large stone statue, just below it, keep your eyes open. You will see some kind of strange phenomena .

There will be some kind of flashing with different colors like something is trying to get my attention. It's very fast, so watch closely. It happens before I say, "Are there any Civil War soldiers here?" Watch carefully and you can see the flash of red before your eyes.

Now I have stopped this in motion on my laptop, and it is two red faces of some kind of spirits.

We live on haunted property. It was once a cattle plantation that had slaves. Then it was a slave cemetery. Someone removed the headstones, but not the graves. Recently we have found out the property goes all the way back to the Spaniards before Florida became a state. Florida became a state in 1821. We thought the history started around 1845, from the Nichols family, but now it dates all the way back to the late 1700s.

The property is located in Milton, Florida. Anyone that would like to come and visit, just call me for an appointment. The gates are always shut and locked unless you call ahead.

Michael Wright

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