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Witness: Margaret Houck
Location: Knoxville, Iowa
Date of Encounter: April 1999

I received a message on my answering machine a few months after my father passed. The night the message was left, I kept thinking that I needed to pick up someone by 5:15 PM, so I left at 5:00 PM. The recording occurred at 5:15. If I had been home, I would of probably hung up the phone and it wouldn't have been recorded. 

I was in such deep mourning after my father passed that when I would cry at night, my back would arch up off the bed. I've dealt with people dying many times since I am a registered nurse. I accepted death as a part of life and knew that the patients had an afterlife. But when it was my dad… it was different. When I listened to the message several times, I could smell his distinct body scent. Sometime later, my door chime began playing the Westminster chimes, which it is incapable of doing. My dad was a jokester! He had my husband and I running all over the house trying to figure it out. My husband kept pushing the doorbell to try and make it do it again, but it only happened when dad wanted to have some fun. I know I hear his voice under the "wet" sounds, but others are dumbfounded by the recording — they can't hear a voice. I believe that my father had to use a lot of energy just so he could call and comfort me that he is still around. Of course I miss him still but I talk to him as if he is right next to me. He proved to me that he does still exist.

Does anyone have access to any sound filtering software so the message can be understood better?

Click on image to hear the EVP (requires sound) – 963 KB.
electronic voice phenomenon (evp)

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