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Recently, I went to a sale of items and artifacts. The material had been collected by a couple during the 1940s. Deceased, the material was for sale as no heirs wanted the various collections. Among the many foreign objects, I came across a trio of drawings from Peru, each featuring an Inca figure in magickal ritual dress. Then I found near the framed art work an Inca shamanic wood mask, and a small hand-carved wood lama. I hesitated, but the attraction of the small Peru collection drew me to it like a magnet. 

A petite, young woman had come beside me and was looking at the art work. “Lovely, aren’t they?” she asked pleasantly, her dark eyes and dark hair highlighted in the early morning sunlight. “Yes,” I agreed, “they are lovely.” 

“You should buy them because they call to you, touch you in a special way. I can see it in your eyes. There is a time portal in Peru in which you can go to any place in time you want to visit. These drawings tell you that, don’t they?” 

I thought a moment before replying then said, “Yes, I suppose so.” But on turning and speaking, the young woman was not there, and as I had a view of all directions, could not imagine where she had vanished to. So I purchased the lot and brought it home. 

Holding the wood mask in my hand, I wonder just where that Peru time travel portal is, and who the young woman was. I do recall she had the scent of nature about her, flowers and fresh air, and peace. Anything is possible when realms and inner planes touch, if you accept it for what it is and welcome it. 

Maybe the young woman wore this mask once upon a time in a sacred ceremony? The Inca culture was reputed to have great psychic and magick powers. Such possibilities to consider. 

Life is full of the strange. And the lovely.

Lee Prosser is’s book reviewer and a regular contributor.

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