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Witness: Angela
Location: Tiffin, Ohio
Date of Encounter: July 2005

I was attending a cousin's wedding reception and it was a hot July weekend. I rarely made it back to our hometown so I wanted to leave the reception before dark so I could go out and visit my dad, baby brother, and grandparents' graves. I was about an hour before dark so I left the reception. The drive to the cemetery was only 10 minutes (small town) and I found all the graves.

I put flowers on my dad's and grandparents' and I went up about five rows to my brother's grave and was putting down his flowers on top of his stone when I heard someone behind me. I turned left and looked up and saw my Dad hovering over his grave. I said, "Wait a second, dad, I'll be right over to visit you." I turned back to my brother's grave and within seconds looked back and my dad was gone. He was dressed in his favorite Polo shirt and tan pants (not what he was buried in). Also, he was floating above the ground, and I could not see feet. I believe he came back to let me know he was happy — he looked like the funny happy dad I knew in the last years of his life — but he was pain free.

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