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Witness: Kathleen
Location: Brook, Indiana
Date of Encounter: 1967

I was about five-years-old when we rented and moved into an old house on some farm land near my grandparent's home. My father wanted to be near his parents, my mom wasn't very happy about it, but she wanted to support my dad. When we moved in my mom made the comment that the house was different, she had no idea how right she was. Everything was normal for a few months, then things began to happen. The first thing was that my dad left his keys on the TV and the next day he couldn't find them to go to work, he thought that I had gotten them and played with them, but I denied it and Dad realized that I was telling the truth. We all thought it was weird but forgot about it. Then a little later something else happened.

One night as I was lying in bed I looked up and there was this lady looking at me. She asked me if I would like to play with her daughter, then she disappeared. I screamed and my parents ran into the room asking what had happened. I told them and they thought that it was a dream, but I wasn't asleep. About a week later my Mom was cooking dinner when she heard a voice call her name, but there wasn't anybody there. She later said that it was a woman's voice and she knew that there weren't any women in the house except her. She told my Dad that she wanted to move, but my dad wanted to stay next to his parents. But about a week later the voice spoke to him while he was shaving, it told him that he didn't have the right to be in the house, that the house belonged to her and she wanted him out; no man was going to take her house. My Dad spoke to my grandparents and we moved in with them until we could find another house to rent. My grandparents even helped my Dad pay for breaking the lease. I never found out what happened in that house even though I looked into it as an adult, but whatever it was it didn't like men. And it frightened my family, but it also brought us closer.

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