Ghosts, Haunting, and Legends
Home Encounters Dad Returns to Protect his Magazines

Photo by Frank Grace
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Witness: Marie Carsola
Location: Chula Vista, California
Date of Encounter: October 30, 2004

Recently, I was reading about visitation dreams on your site. They reminded me of one such involving my father about 4-5 days after his death. The dream was very specific, which in my opinion validates all aspects of where dead ones go right after death.

My father had a PhD in Oceanography and part of his perks was a lifetime subscription to the National Geographic magazine. As children, we were only allowed to read the magazines but never to rip pages or cut pictures out for reports. In the dream I clearly remember sitting on a brownish sofa. My dad was in an arm chair sitting directly opposite me. Piles and piles of papers were stacked everywhere. He asked me several questions about dates and people. I gave him the info. He asked me in a very serious tone to tell my mother that she should never give away his collection of National Geographic magazines to anyone. This was my father speaking beyond our world to ensure that they were not going anywhere.

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