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Columbus, Ben Franklin, and Abraham Lincoln utilizing the same spirit? In a recent session, it was requested that I share my thoughts on the subject of reincarnation, or more specifically, if I felt that we have "past lives." Could we have lived as another person within an earthly shell many years ago? Why do we feel as though we have actually lived in a particular place or setting, but yet never have physically set foot in a particular place or setting? Why do we feel as though we personally know someone that lived many years ago, yet have no connection to this person? 

The definition of reincarnation is “a rebirth of a soul in a new human body” (Webster’s Dictionary). The definition is a comparison to overhauling a motor in an automobile. It is as though the spirit is "placed on a shelf until needed for placement within a new shell." I have struggled with thoughts of reincarnation, partly due, I guess, to the abilities given. I feel we are each created as a unique spirit, and that we are given a unique life’s path. Upon completion of our earthly plan, we move on to life-everlasting. 

So could we not be placed in a new body many years later and follow another earthly plan? The question is truly only answered by our Creator — and no doubt all things are possible through our creator. I am in wonder each day of the many blessings both small and large given to one on their life’s path. From the creation and birth of a child, to the beauty of our universe, is one that cannot be duplicated.

With this said, I share my thoughts regarding this subject. As stated earlier, I feel that we are each created as a unique spirit and placed within a specially-created earthly shell to follow a unique earthly path. Throughout this path, we learn and grow and to understand through trials, choices, and blessings. Upon completion of our earthly plan, we move on to be with those loved ones who have moved on before us. We then continue our choices by which we can continue to guide and protect our loved ones still in earth’s plan. I tend to view it as one huge family reunion filled with joy and love. Our "family bond" traces back hundreds of thousands of years. Have you ever traced your family tree? You may have a descendent whose earthly plan placed him as a close friend of President Lincoln during the 1800’s. You might find that a family member actually assisted Mr. Franklin with many of his accomplishments, or quite possibly sailed the ocean blue to the new world with Columbus. Now think of your own current earthly plan. I cannot count the times that I heard from my parents, “back when I was your age, I…” and proceed to share an experience that would become sound advice for me. I now catch myself repeating this statement with my own children, as they ask for advice. 

Could it be when you feel you have been in a particular place or setting that a loved one who has moved on is simply relaying to you “been there, done that?” The loved one may be relaying guidance to you with a, “back when I was your age in my earthly plan, I…” 

My thoughts are my own of course and I may find that our Creator allows us to be in spirit along different paths. I somehow cannot replace my thoughts that if everyone connected to me in family sat down for dinner, the table would never have and end, and the love and guidance would fill the room. So great-great-great-great-great Uncle President Rutherford Hayes, please pass the green beans and tell me more about when you were my age.

As the founder of LifesGift, Rick Hayes’s given abilities to relay messages from loved ones who have moved on have brought to those worldwide the understanding that life is eternal… and a moment, is forever cherished. Rick is co-author of the book You’re Not Crazy, You Have A Ghost available at and is also available for speaking engagements. For more information, go to

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