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Witness: Dale McGrinn
Location: Palm Beach County, Florida
Date of Encounter: May 28, 2003

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Ghost picture - Palm Beach County, Florida.

I'm an artist here in Palm Beach County, Florida and I just finished a mural at a client's home. When I uploaded the images to my computer there was a strange bright spot next to the sink. This is not part of the mural, fixture or flash!

I had a friend who is a high-end photographer examine the frames. He said it wasn't flash play because the orb appears to have a kind of mass to it. On closer examination one can even see a shadow on the floor. I have an enlargement on my site One of the painters working with me on this job said he had unrolled a drop cloth upstairs and came downstairs to get his brushes, when he returned upstairs the drop cloth was rolled back up! and he felt chilled to the bone. Spooky stuff… wouldn't you say!

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