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During the Christmas season, and close to Christmas Day, there are oftentimes found reports of hauntings and ghosts. This can be extended to include other popular holidays in different cultures.

Why is this, one asks, and is there something we should know as to why which explains it all? No, there is no strict interpretation or explanation. Hauntings happen and ghosts happen, and each situation is different. 

One could say it is the longing for the physical plane by the deceased wishing to be with loved ones, or possibly, the deceased seeking refuge in a happy memory, or running away from a horrible remembrance of things past and pulled back!

But such hauntings do happen. Ghosts do appear. 

Christmas ghosts are part of our historical heritage as a nation. Documentation exists. Stories are passed down from generation to generation. 

Whatever the reason, Christmas is a most potent time of the year for such happenings. If you come across a ghost, give it gentle, loving greetings of the season and be on your way to enjoy the holiday with the living! 

Lee Prosser is’s book reviewer and a regular contributor.

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