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Witness: Shawn
Location: Lancaster, South Carolina
Date of Encounter: January 8, 2006

On January 8th I was hanging out at a local shopping complex with a couple friends of mine. My friend, Mary, turns to me and begins telling me a story of a bridge just over the North Carolina/South Carolina state line called "Catwoman's Bridge." She was telling me that a number of years ago a woman was driving home one night and just before she was about to cross the bridge, a cat ran out in front of her. Trying to miss the animal, the woman swerved and wrecked her car in the woods just before the bridge. The next morning, local police found her car sitting (upside down) underneath the bridge. Upon Investigation, Police found the woman's body being eaten by a group of cats. My friend, Mary, continued to tell me that if you park your car in the center of the bridge and turn off the engine, you can hear the faint sounds of a vehicle crashing into trees at the end of the bridge. At this point I'm in total disbelief. She continues to tell me that if I go to start my car to drive away, that my engine will not start unless it is pushed to the end of the bridge. I decide, ok, lets test this…

We drive to the bridge and I parked my car in the center of the bridge. As I go to turn off my engine, my other friend (Robin) starts crying with fear and begs for us to leave. Not wanting to upset a close friend any further, I put the car in drive and begin to drive away. As I drive away, there was a very thick fog that completely obscures my vision momentarily and I decide that it's time to go home. However, the only way to get back home is to drive back over the bridge again. I turn my car around and begin to make my way over the bridge. The moment my front tires are on the bridge my engine dies (this could not have been mechanical failure due to the fact that I was driving a 2005 Chevy Impala). I apply my breaks to prevent wrecking my vehicle but my breaks wouldn't work until we rolled over to the other side of the bridge. After we get to the other side, I stop my car, put it in park, and restart my engine. Just as we are about to pull away we all see bright lights that appeared to be car headlights beaming upward at an angle as if it were a car that had run off the side of the road. Scared out of my wits, I drove as fast as my car would go to get off of that road. When we get back to my house we look over my car as soon as we get out. To our surprise, there were cat's paw prints all over my car — the hood, roof, and trunk. There were also streaks that looked like someone had tried grabbing the car with their hands. There were also complete hand prints on my back window. None of these prints were there prior to us going to the bridge. I sent my car through a carwash almost an hour or so before we went to the bridge. I tried doing a search on the bridge and have found nothing. At first I was skeptical about the validity of the bridge but after this, I will never drive over that bridge again.

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