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Witness: T. Zmant
Location: Long Beach, California
Date of Encounter: 1967

My encounter is only told to me but by two different people whom never met but both lived in the same house. A large the apartment house on New York street in Long Beach, California. I have spent many attempts to find out more but no luck. 

The story was told to me by a young sailor at that time about the age of 20. He and his girlfriend lived in this apartment in a weird house on New York Street — a U-shaped house with a nice courtyard and large trash burner out back. He experienced voices with no one around, crying women, angry voices, all which rose to where they could almost hear what they were saying and then they would fade away. They assumed that it was other renters in the building. Then came foot steps and the doors opening and water turning on for no reason at all. Or the beer cans freshly thrown away jumping out of the trash and rolling back to you. Spooked yes, but they stayed until he says that he felt a hand reach under his pillow — he hollered for light, and was holding thin air. Now this may of been to make the story better, but it had its effect. 

I returned to my ship the next day and recounted the story to my shipmates only to have my First Class Petty Officer tell me the location of the house before I had finished. This man was in his 40s and had in no way ever met the man I had spoken to the night before. He recounted the same story but had looked into it more. He said his dog would stare and watch passing objects when nothing was there. Sometimes bark, other times whimper and hide. Same voices, same weeping women. He lived there two years and found it interesting but unnerving at times. 
The story from him was that the house belonged to a doctor in the 20s and 30s who did the illegal operations on anyone with the money or exchange for favors until he was caught. Abortions and gun shots were the common. Those who did not survive ended up in the large burner out back. According to my friend it was a lot. 

That's the story and I hope someone can tell me more. I never made it back to Long Beach to find out more, but always had wanted to. Also anything of the Lady in White who haunts San Perdo in search of her lost son who went to sea and never returned. A note on this was that the sailor who told me the story said he had seen her twice. I never saw him again after that…

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