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Do you live in a place that you believe to be haunted? Have you experienced strange occurrences or witnessed unexplained phenomena? We want to hear from you. We are currently looking for people to participate in Season 2 of our show “Lisa Williams : Life Among the Dead” to air on Lifetime.

SHOW DESCRIPTION: Using her uncanny abilities to see and speak with the dead, multi-talented English clairvoyant Lisa Williams brings messages from loved ones, answers questions and offers insights in spontaneous, heartwarming encounters with everyday Americans in this Lifetime Original Reality Series. In these impromptu meetings, Lisa relays messages from the dead to their astonished relatives and friends. Amid laughter and tears, she passes along words of love or forgiveness, solves a misunderstanding, helps someone to say good-bye or explains something as mundane as the whereabouts of misplaced keys. (Genres: Drama, Reality)

NOTE: You must live in the Southern California area.

To be considered, please email a photo of yourself, a daytime phone number, and a description of your story to:

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