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Witness: John Goyette
Location: Norwich, Connecticut
Date of Encounter: August 2005

I had met a girl named Corrina and we became really good friends. We went everywhere together. She was one of those free-spirited kind of girls — always happy — it was fun to be with her. She had this tattoo on her back of a butterfly, it was her favorite thing in the world.

We once had a conversation about death, I asked her if she ever died what would she like to come back as if she could. She told me that she would come back as one of those big butterflies with a lot of colors. I told her I would like to come back as an eagle. I'm sad to say that Corrina died at the age of 24 years old.

It was about 3 months after she died that I was working with one of my friends, Scott. I was helping him do a landscape job in Norwich, Connecticut. I was getting tired and hungry so Scott and I decided to take a break and have lunch. Now on this particular day, it was kind of cloudy and very windy, not the nicest kind of day especially for August. We were sitting there eating lunch and all of a sudden I see this huge butterfly come toward me. My friend Scott said, "Look at that butterfly! It's coming for you, john." As soon as I saw it, I thought of Corrina. Well that butterfly landed on my right shoulder and stayed there for about 10 seconds. I was in complete shock. Then it flew off of me, it circled around me 3 times, and then it flew right in front of my face and kind of just floated there for a second or two before flying off. I don't care what anyone says, somehow Corrina tried to let me know that she was alright. Like she said, if she could come back as something, it would be a butterfly. I would just like to say that after seeing that, I felt like she was with me at the time the butterfly was around me.

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