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Buckland's Book of Spirit CommunicationsBuckland’s Book of Spirit Communications
By Raymond Buckland
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (March 2004)
Pages: 263 – Price: $17.95 review

This new, expanded edition is well worth the reader’s time! Raymond Buckland has crafted a memorable guide which offers lessons, development exercises, and techniques for spirit communication. Buckland has long been regarded as a leading authority on the supernatural, and is the author of numerous books. Those who purchase a copy of Spirit Communications will not be disappointed! Buckland’s sharing of information on clairvoyant and clairaudient exercises, and information on channeling is perfectly expressed and useable.

There is much new material to this fine book, and in its revised and expanded new edition there is over one-hundred pages of new material which includes a new chapter of electronic spirit contact. The preface and introduction are excellent.

Divided into lessons, the first one discusses mediumship and profiles John Edward. Lesson two examines the world of spirits and profiles Jeane Dixon. Lesson three covers the history 
of spiritualism in the early years with a profile of Abraham Lincoln. Lesson four continues with the later development and a profile on Morris Pratt.

Other lessons cover in-depth the topics of spirit guides, spirit communication, talking boards, automatic writing and spirit photography with profiles of Leonora E. Piper, Rosemary Brown, and Allan Kardec. Other lessons covered include trance work, spirit sights, sounds, and sensing, touching the past, physical mediumship, table tipping and levitation, healing, channeling, development and development circles, and electronic contact. Profiles are given on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Emanuel Swedenborg, Arthur Ford, Edgar Cayce, Sir William Crookes, Gerard Coiset, Lily Dale Assembly, and Dion Fortune.

There is an interesting afterword. Also, two appendix entries on fraudulent practices and answers to examination questions.

This is a splendid book about spirit communication written by a man who knows of what he speaks. There is much to learn from the material presented in this book. For those interested in spirit communication, this is topnotch writing and highly recommended. A great find for the home reference bookcase, this would be a nice item to give as a gift and to have your local librarian place in the public library for its readers. 

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