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Witness: Robert
Location: Orange County, California
Date of Encounter: 1999 to present

This is a short summary of what has happened to me over the past 6 years. I am a male, now 26 years old. I was living by myself, I recently moved in to my own apartment. The events started out by a visit from a shadow spirit. A few nights later, it came again with a larger, malevolent being behind it (pacing). I was so scared I called my mother…at 3 AM! 

Weeks later, I was then visited by a spirit orb (orange) floating at the top of my ceiling. A couple weeks later a red one appeared, when it "noticed" me looking at it, it passed through my wall to the patio. Immediately after that, I was frozen in fear for 10 minutes by the sound of (it's hard to describe) but I would say heavy breathing coming from my patio.

By this time I could no longer sleep in my room. I moved to the couch in the living room, gun in hand. I soon felt a presence watching me from the darkness. So I turned the TV on, though I still felt the presence from a dark spot by the table. So I turned the lights on. I would not be able to sleep until 3-4 AM every night. This went on for months. 

When my girlfriend would stay over, we would sleep in my room. She too admitted to seeing the orange spirit orb once, though she was too scared to wake me. When she moved in with me in mid-2000, I was no longer scared, but things didn't stop. I then would wake up and see small black "things" on my wall watching me. When I say black things, I mean they were small (up to 12-inches in length) almost shapeless black things that moved like lizards. I would grab my flashlight and try to shine it on them, but they would move away and eventually be gone. I would also wake up seeing a silver spider descending from the ceiling directly over me. When my eyes would open, it would ascend and go up through the ceiling. When I would see the spiders, a couple times my first reaction was to grab my pillow, jump up, and swipe at it. This was, of course, scaring the crap out of my girlfriend. Oh, don't let me forget the bed shaking as well. A few nights a week the bed would shake or even vibrate. My girlfriend would sometimes feel this too. This still happens.

My thought process then was that maybe this apartment is haunted, that maybe there is a dead body or something in the crawl space above me. Well I moved into a new apartment in October of 2004 and things still happen. Though these things are a little bit more interesting and bizarre. My thought process has changed. 

A few months ago, I was sleeping on my left side facing the wall. I opened my eyes and saw writing (in a red light) on the wall. I stared at it, closed my eyes, and opened them to make sure my eyes were okay. It was still there, but only remained for maybe 10 seconds. Now to describe this writing: it was 5-6 rows, 4-5 characters across. They were shapes and lines, symbols if you will. The only one I can remember was a small circle on top of a square. A few weeks ago, the writing came again, though this time it was faded and only appeared for a couple of seconds. I now keep a notepad and pen by the side of my bed to copy down what I see… next time. 

Another thing I saw is what I call a vision. Laying on my back, I feel the bed shake, so I lay there looking up waiting for something to happen. I see colors (like streaks of lights) on my ceiling, and then above me a greenish glow appears. What I saw I will describe as this: in movies when they show a witch or wizard looking through a crystal ball you see an image surround by a blurry outline. That is what I saw: the image being either a wall or floor, full of hexagon or octagon-shaped tiles with symbols on them. The "window" then moving down the tiles. They're and gone in maybe 5 seconds.

A few other things to mention that I have seen in the new apartment: I woke up in the middle of the night and saw on the ceiling floating above me, an outline in blue light of a woman in a cloak. There were no details, just an outline — almost like a drawing. I actually saw what I consider my first apparition (ghost) a couple months ago. A small girl, her face was there clearly, but it was surrounded by a body of white glowing mist. She glided toward me looking at me the whole time (scaring the crap out of me). She got within about 3 feet of me and then vanished.

Other things have happened to me as well, but to write it all with lots of detail would make this page very long! If you would like to know more detail about any thing you read here let me know. And if you have any thoughts on what might be happening and why, please email me.

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