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Book of the LawBook of the Law
By Aleister Crowley
Publisher: Weiser Books (May 1987)
Pages: 120 – Price: $7.95 review

Now reprinted, this is one of the most controversial books published in occult literature. It was originally published during 1938, and has been in and out of print since that time. The first edition is incredibly expensive, and it is good to see it is once again available. Weiser has the ability to keep remarkable books in print, and to bring back into print those unusual occult books that deserve to be passed on to future readers.

Aleister Crowley is no stranger to the readers of the paranormal and supernatural. Crowley’s contacts with spirits and spirit guides is well-documented. For in-depth information on the man, check him out on any Internet search engine. You will be surprised how many images and sites are available for Crowley. I found so many on Google that it took a few hours to investigate each one!

The Book of the Law was originally published in England on March 21, 1938. It caused much controversy, entertainment, and shared numerous occult insights as only Crowley could write them!

What makes this book so controversial? It is Crowley explaining from his mystical perspective the following secrets: The explanation of the Universe, the Explanation for a code of conduct, and many other topics. In this book, Crowley states the following which has become legend in the field of occult studies:

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

“Love is the law, love under will.”

“There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.”

As an additional treat for readers, a complete facsimile of the original manuscript is reprinted. This book will find many readers. 

It will shock, delight, educate, and entertain the reader with its statements. It is a book you will not forget easily.

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