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Witness: Samantha
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Date of Encounter: Early 1990s

I have a few encounters from this home from myself and family members that have been there, some are short, so I'm combining them as one post to save time and space.

When I lived in Kansas City, my dad has this best friend that had an old house he bought and was renovating it. The first encounter I can vividly recall was when we were sitting around the living room one day when all of the sudden an ashtray flew off the table, from across the room and almost hit me (no one was near it).

The house also had an attic that used to be bedrooms, and I can remember refusing to go up there alone because I felt that there was a strong presence there and it was very unfriendly. It always made me feel uneasy. In one of the bedrooms (downstairs from the attic bedrooms), was a closet, in the closet it had a hole sawed in the floor that went to the basement. One day we were digging up the basement floor and found human bones; teeth, a skull, and femur bones. The rumor was that there was once a doctor that lived there, but were weren't sure why the bones were buried in the dirt floor of the basement. It was always very creepy in that house.

Another time my dad was working on the bathroom, he was all alone there late one evening. He was hammering in the bathtub, putting up the bathroom walls (or something of the like), when all of the sudden his hammer, and something or someone started hammering/banging on the bottom of the tub. My dad freaked out and didn't stick around to check it out.

In this house, it seems that there was always something watching you do stuff, a presence, if you will. Always very eerie, especially when you're alone. There were two suspicious fires there too, that no one could come up with an explanation for, one while cooking, and there was no way that it could've been set by the person cooking in the kitchen at the time. We felt that a presence or unseen force was telling us that they didn't want us there and their home to be remodeled, etc. Soon after that the house was sold.

We'd never been back to it since then, but currently there are people living there.

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