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Witness: Kate
Location: Ashland, Massachusetts
Date of Encounter: June or July, 2006

On this summer night, my whole family went to Stone's Public House for dinner. The family members who came were my brothers, Luke and Ryan, my mom, Anne, my dad, Lance, and my aunt Carole (who decided to come here). I was very scared to have dinner here because I have heard the stories, but everyone insisted that everything would be okay. Since it was a nice night, we wanted to sit on the patio. It was very nice, we had already eaten and were waiting for our dessert when I became the most scared that I have ever been.

Since the patio is so close to the train tracks, when a train goes by it is very loud and definitely catches your attention. The one train I had seen the whole night had almost completely passed when I looked over at my mom, and I saw her probably the most scared I have ever seen her. She looked over at me and gave me a very serious look. Then my brother shouted out, "I saw someone!" My mom said, "I thought I did too." My mom had my brother describe what he saw (with no previous knowledge of what she saw), and he preceded to give the exact description of what my mom saw. What they saw was what seemed like a little girl who was standing on the balcony looking over the railing, watching the train passing, she looked as if she was waiting for someone. My family was taking advantage of the fact that I was scared, and tried many times to scare me. My mother and my brother were determined to prove to me that they were telling the truth. In the end I did believe them because I have never seen either of them so serious in my life.

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