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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural.What is it exactly about some ghosts who reappear in the same place over a period of time? Is there a sure answer, no. Only thoughts and suggestions as to why.

Harold Prosser, Billy Bob Firestone, and Willard Firestone went fishing together during early August of 1940. They fished near the Wilson Creek Battlefield in Missouri. Willard Firestone told of the following incident which took place as they were preparing to leave. It was toward dusk and the weather was clear. They saw five men dressed in Union Army clothes come out of the woods and walk past them. The five soldiers were carrying rifles and were plainly visible fifteen feet from the fishermen. Abruptly, the five soldiers faded away and there was no trace of them. 

During early August of 1953, myself and my uncle, Willard Firestone were in the same area of the Wilson Creek Battlefield during late afternoon and witnessed the appearance of five Union Army soldiers carrying rifles. The soldiers were walking, then as suddenly as they had appeared, the soldiers vanished.

What is it about a special site, or a large battlefield area, that is a safe harbor to ghosts and their wanderings? What still lies under the rich soil, waiting in anticipation to come forth again? What loop in time allows ghosts to reappear again and again and again. There is much to learn from paranormal sightings… much.

Harold Prosser

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