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Lee Prosser - Bide One's Time is Lee's bi-weekly column on the supernatural. I was asked by a reader to comment on the topic of ectoplasm. Here are my thoughts on it.

Ectoplasm is often defined in different ways. I would define it as part of a ghost’s calling card, something to announce its arrival or departure, or both. It has been identified as a mist, a filmy white substance, a smoky mist, a white thin cloud, a gray shimmering mist, among other descriptions.

Ectoplasm may or may not be present with the appearance of a ghost, apparition, spirit, or whatever your personal choice for a ghost’s name! Its presence is not required, nor does every person encounter it.

As a Sensitive involved with the paranormal and the supernatural, I have encountered ectoplasm. I have witnessed it in cemeteries, buildings, haunted situations, and underneath bridges crossing rivers. Sometimes it is more evident than at other times. Sometimes it is not there where you think you might encounter it. Sometimes it is where you least expect to encounter it!

Ectoplasm is nothing to be feared. It is, and can be, a part of a paranormal experience.

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