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Witness: Sally Gray
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Encounter: Summer 2001

In July 2001, me and my children were driving to see my birth mother (I was adopted) and little sister in Brookville, Indiana. On our way there on a two-lane road which had a speed limit of 50 mph, a man had fallen asleep at the wheel and hit us head on going 95 mph. I went into and remained in a coma for nearly two months. At one point I had to have my spleen removed and bled out. I died on the operating table three times, and this is when I think this encounter must have happened.

While in a coma I had several dreams that almost seemed like glimpses of past lives. There were other dreams, terrifying dreams, but there was one dream that I believe saved me. Like I said, I was adopted and I met my birth family when I was 19, in 1991. I met my birth mother's father, Joe, only a couple times. He kept to himself so I don't really remember any conversations with him. He was a very quiet man. Joe died a few years before my car accident, and little did I know that the last time I saw him alive would be the last time.

In one particular dream I am walking down the hallway in his house that enters into the family room. It is dark and hard to see. The only light is a warm glow of a table lamp. I continued walking and noticed this purple/brown velvet chair and in it sat Joe. He looked at me and said, "Don't worry, kiddo, it's going to be alright." When I awoke from the coma, I told my birth mother and aunts what had happened, and when I did they all turned white as sheets. My Aunt Mindy started to cry, and I immediately felt bad for mentioning his name. I just assumed that that was what upset them, then my birth mother said, "Dad called everyone kiddo." Like I said, I barely knew Grandpa Joe. I had maybe two brief conversations with him. I didn't know he called anyone that so it wasn't something already instilled in my mind that played back while I slept. I really believe it was Grandpa Joe. I believe it was after his visit that I finally started coming out of the danger of dying. He let me know that I would be alright.

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