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Darkside Zodiac by Stella HydeDarkside Zodiac
By Stella Hyde
Publisher: Weiser Books (March 2004)
Pages: 400 – Price: $19.95 review

Stella Hyde’s Darkside Zodiac is a pure reading delight! The gist of the jest is that it concentrates on the “darkside” of the zodiac and is really on target. You will find your sign and yourself in this fine adventure of reading.

The introduction is humorous, it prepares the reader for learning about the less than nice aspects of his or her sign, and those of friends! You will certainly find more than you bargained for, such as why Geminis rate a score of A++ on the "Bitch Rating Scale." Find out why Aquarians cannot wait to be quickly beamed back onto the Mothership, and why Aries are known as true head-banging psychos.

Stella Hyde gives us the works when it comes to astrology, and her insights are incredibly on target and humorous. Even the darkside aspects contain gems of wisdom, as the reader will soon discover!

For a really wild ride through the astrological signs, this is the book to enjoy the ride with. Stella Hyde has written an astrological classic of its kind, a really gritty yet humorous analysis of the darkside of the zodiac. Fine writing and insights make this a book to have in your home library. 

A splendid book for finding that dark side of yourself!

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