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Witness: Stirling
Location: Essex, Ontario Canada
Date of Encounter: 2001 to present

I've always been a believer of the after life and spirits but I've always been very skeptical about jumping to "it's a spirit." I always try to think of other reasons that might have caused the creepy activity (echoes, drowsiness, wind, etc.) but also I've always had strange things happen to me like my bed shaking, hearing my name being whispered, but once things started to get aggressive in my "new" home, I knew I couldn't deny what was going on in my home and for some reason it seemed only to be focused around me, though I could tell our current Shelty (dog) sensed things too.

At first things seemed mild such as seeing things in the corner of my eye, having strange dreams, smelling things such as perfume that would flare up my allergies, and hearing bumps and footsteps. But I was only 14 at the time so I dismissed them though I knew at the back of my mind something was strange.

What finally started to open my eyes was the sudden cold spots that seemed to linger accompanied with the strong feeling of being watched and the sudden energy lose I would get out of nowhere. I began to wake up in the middle of the night with the wind chimes ringing over my bed (there was no wind outside and so no drafts) would be going haywire (note that chiming wind chimes in a house is warning of evil) and the room would get either very cold or warm. Luckily, I had some past experience with weird stuff. I'm able to speak even when scared, so the moment I would shout "F*** off!" at whatever was pestering me, it stopped and I was able to sleep again. After a few months with the small things continuing whatever was in the house began to make itself known and I was becoming more annoyed then scared.

One afternoon I was sitting in my room doing homework and I heard someone running up the stairs that lead to my room only they didn't slow down and they were extremely loud. I looked up as I heard them storm into my bedroom and as I looked up a hunched cloaked figure stood at the end of my bed then faded quickly. Completely scared, I ran downstairs and found everyone and all the pets were downstairs as well.

Later that night I had managed to push the incident out of my mind and finished reading my book. I got up and put my book back on the shelf with the others and as I turned and literally took one step away, the book flew off, barely missed my head, and landed on the floor in front of me.

Days later I was laying in my bed trying to sleep and felt a really strong presence so I opened my eyes only to discover a white face with hollow feature hovering over me and it began to fall toward me, I glared then it went away. 
I don't want to bore you with many more details seeing as this is getting really long, so I'll brief the rest in order:

-Dog began to stand outside of parents' room and bark and pace for hours

-I awoke pined to my wall, felt a cold finger run down my spine which caused me to pass out before I could call to my friend beside me. While I was passed out I dreamt I was reading a dictionary that said "Poltergeist" then defined it; when I woke up I was flat on my back the the blankets pulls straight across my chest

-heard scratching noises then in the morning a box was clawed up on the inside (a friend heard it too and all animals were downstairs)

-I was sitting eating supper with my family and I heard my name being called upstairs, I ignored it then I heard it again louder and shouted "What?!" — my family asked who I was talking to and looked at me weird

-I finally got tired of it all and performed my own Pagan/Wiccan ritual, which half way through, I clearly heard a mans voice yell "Noooo!"

After the exorcism, nothing happened for months aside from strange dreams then a small act-up seeing a shadowy figure once in a while but now everything has settled completely.

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