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Witness: Robin
Location: Cortez, Colorado
Date of Encounter: 1979

My first encounter was when I was 11 years old, in the year 1979. I grew up in a very small town in Colorado, I even remember moving in to this house I am about to tell you about. I was very small but this house always scared me from day one. I remember it so clear like it happened yesterday. I have always been afraid of the dark, so my parents would leave the bathroom light on for me, which was directly across from our room. This night my parents had some friends over to play cards, they brought their kids so we could play and not get in the way. It was getting late and we could hear our parents laughing and having a great time, then my mom came back to our room and told us to let the other kids sleep in our beds and my youngest sister and I to sleep on the floor in our sleeping bags. After we were all set we all laid down, my mom turned off the light, and turned on the bathroom light for me. I never was a deep sleeper and I was always very terrified of my closet, seems natural for a kid, right? Well as I was drifting off, but not, I got this feeling I was being watched so I sat up and as I did there he was!

I saw this solid, black shadow man standing at the foot of my sleeping bag. I could see him because of the light in the bathroom, I could see him from head-to-toe. I was afraid, but then I said, "Dad, is that you?" He didn't reply. That's when I became very scared. When I was about to say it again, the hall light came on. I was so terrified I couldn't speak, but as I was about to, my dad walked down the hall past my room, and into his room which was caddy corner to mine. I wanted to scream but was afraid of what this shadow man would do, so I shrunk down in my sleeping bag, and covered my head for a few minutes. I decided to peek and see if he was still there, and he was! I could feel his presence wasn't good. At that moment my youngest sister sat straight up and looked at me and then just laid back down and went back to sleep, that really scared me… it was like it wasn't even her! I finally just covered my head and tried to sleep hoping this man or whatever he was would just go away.

The second encounter came when I was 12. My mom was born and raised in England and had taken us there to visit my grandmother and relatives for a few months. I actually spent my 12th birthday there. When we returned from England late in the summer, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, so the rest of the year my youngest sister and I spent a lot of time with relatives and family friends while my dad took her to her doctor appointments in Denver. I don't know what this means, but we one time we were staying with some friends of my parents, whom were very religious (they had religious statues and pictures all over their house) — I noticed right off the bat this nun statue that sat kind of behind their front door. She was kneeling in prayer and stood about three feet high, very beautiful. As it began to get dark, we set up our sleeping bags and got ready for bed. I couldn't get over the nun statue for some reason, she just really stuck out to me. I laid down, my youngest sister again next to me, and we drifted off. I remember waking up with that same feeling of someone watching me. I opened my eyes and that praying nun was right beside me praying over me! It terrified me but then it didn't. I covered my head for a few minutes and when I looked again, she was back in her place. I don't understand what these encounters means, it's like one day I encounter what I feel was not a human spirit, it felt evil, and that encounter lasted longer than other encounters I have read about. That shadow man was so solid and so defined, his head, his shoulders, his arms, and legs, and the nun encounter came at a time when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, which by the way she lived with for six years and then passed. I have had other encounters in my house, but nothing like the shadow man. Since then I've mostly experienced my name being whispered in my ear, or noises, banging, just feeling I was never alone when I was.

The most horrible thing that happened to me after this was I became very depressed in that house but when I wasn't there I was fine. So any chance I got to leave it, I did! I guess what I am hoping is that someone can explain what this means. They happened so close together and I can't help but think this shadow demon or man had something to do with my mother becoming ill. She was very superstitious and a believer herself, and one thing I do remember is that she had burned a Quija board not long after we returned home from England. She got it in a box of things she bought at a yard sale. If anyone can give me ideas that, would be so great because these things really do haunt me still today.

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