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Witness: Snookers
Location: Perham, Minnesota
Date of Encounter: June 25, 2002

I must start out by saying that as far as the paranormal goes, I had never really been sure of anything. In other words maybe yes and maybe no. Up until June 25th, 2002, I had never had any kind of contact with the departed. But something happened to me that I can't explain, and I can only attribute it to the paranormal. I can only tell it like it happened without embellishment, so for some readers it will seem boring compared to some of the posts I have read here, but it is the truth.

I had a childhood illness that damned near killed me, and left me somewhat crippled for the rest of my life. Because I was disabled and not able to live alone, I stayed with my parents in their home. My mother passed away in 1999, on June 23rd, so that left just my dad and I living together. My dad died 2 years, 364 days after my mother died… one day shy of being exactly 3 years to the day after mom died. Dad and I had a wonderful relationship and were there for each other when mom died. Dad died on June 22nd in the home we both lived in. On June 25th, 3 days after dad died, I was in my room all evening on the computer and watching TV. As was customary, I would watch TV until the evening news was over, and at 10:30 I would shut everything down, turn off all the lights, and go to bed. I did that this particular evening. Between my computer monitor and the tower, I have a quarts halogen desk light with a on/off/rheostat switch on the base of the lamp. The rheostat dims the light if you want it dimmed. But whenever I use this light, I turn it all the way up. Its never half bright. It's either off, or all the way up. I turned this lamp off when I went to bed in the same room the light is, at 10:30, and it was off as well as the computer.

At 2:30 in the morning, something woke me from a sound sleep, and I opened my eyes to see what it was — my room was lit up. I looked, and my desk lamp was on, and yet it was off when I went to bed and I live alone. Now this lamp was on about half way up… not full brightness, and I never use it that way. I got up and shut it off and went back to bed, but you can be sure that sleep was out of the question. Nothing else has happened since then. I do believe it was my father letting me know he was watching over me. I know it's boring, but it's the truth. Rather tame in comparison to some of the stories here, but its what I can contribute. Anyway, this happening has changed my mind about the possibility of spirits and the paranormal. 

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