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Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary edited by James WassermanAleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary
Edited by James Wasserman
Publisher: Weiser Books (Revised Edition March 2006)
Pages: 200 – Price: $19.95

Review by Lee Prosser – review

Originally published in 1993, it is good to see Weiser has published the book again, and once more it is available for reading. Those interested in the works of Aleister Crowley will enjoy this well-edited reference. This collection contains "John St. John" and "A Master of the Temple from The Equinox" published during 1909.

Much of Crowley’s work has appeal to different groups for different reasons. Aleister Crowley became a legend before his death and is oftentimes considered by many as one of the major occult writers of the 20th century. What is unusual about this book is that James Wasserman places emphasis on guiding oneself through the journey that comes from magical workings. The text and information shared with readers is invaluable. Wasserman’s thirty-five years of personal experience and scholarship are evident in this book.

This book is intended for the adept and the student. If you are curious about Aleister Crowley and his thoughts, this is one book you will enjoy reading. Excellent ideas for keeping a magical diary are shared with the reader.

This book is highly recommended reading for its accuracy and detail. This is an educational, in-depth look at keeping a diary of magical ceremonies and approaches. 

James Wasserman is a well-respected occult researcher, scholar, and Thelemic magician. He is the author of numerous publications and also serves in the position of editor for the Weiser Concise Guides series.

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