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Witness: Gigi
Location: Jefferson, Texas
Date of Encounter: June 18, 2005

Hello, my name is Gigi, I was 38 at the time of this encounter. I have a parapsychology / paranormal team (Sawyer Parapsychology Investigations and Research Information Team – S.P.I.R.I.T.) and I have been involved with the paranormal since childhood. Up until 2005 I have used myself to communicate with the sometimes unseen people. In July 2005, the team and I set out on an investigation in Jefferson, Texas. I had heard of paranormal activity at the Jefferson Hotel. We had a very short stay, only one night in room 15 where I got very little if no sleep at all.
That night we set out to look into several locations where some fantastic photos were taken. Arriving back at the hotel, the team of three settled down after a long night's work. It was around 1AM when my eyes closed. I was just about to fall asleep and the other two members of the team had fallen sleep already. I suddenly felt the my side of the bed near the knee sink down as if my teammate who had taken up on a cot got up. I thought she was going to the bathroom and was using the edge of the bed to get up. I dismissed it as such.

A few moments later it happened again. I again assumed she was getting back in her cot to go to sleep. After not responding to the movement a few moments later, I felt very small cold hand touch my side. I knew at the very moment, It was a child spirit. I did not move, knowing that sometimes not responding will provoke more activity. It has been my experience that if they want your attention and you do not respond, their activity increases.

A few moments pass and it happened again. Except this time there were two hands shaking my leg — like a child would do if it was trying to wake you up. I said, "What do you want?" I could also tell that both of these very small hands had different personalities, as if there were two different children. Seconds passed and I felt four little knees crawling in the bed on my side. I slowly removed my blinds and could see the covers moving upward as if someone was getting in the bed (which they were). The children did in fact crawl in the bed with me. 

I woke my teammate up on her cot on my side of the bed. I told her about this experience I just had and asked her if she felt anything. She said no. At that moment we could hear talking taking place in the halls so we opened the door to investigate. We could see no one. However, we could still hear loud talking. We walked to where the talking was coming from at the other end of the hallway. We assumed someone had left the TV on and had fallen asleep. I could not believe that someone could really fall asleep with the TV that loud, however, I reflect on my husband, and okay, maybe they could. 

We went back to our room and found our other teammate was still fast a sleep. We both got into the same bed and I made a loud statement that we need to sleep and we’ll play tomorrow.
At that moment the covers on the end of the bed moved up as if someone grabbed the end of the sheets and flung them up and back down. 

Teammate 2 asked, "was that you?" I said, "Nope!" And we went back to sleep. I have had more than a dozen paranormal experiences there that I’ll be happy to post. In fact, each time I return I feel as if a rush of some unseen force is trying to talk to me and is crowding me. 

I’m still discovering these gifts and not sure what to do with them sometimes. I have been a closet sensitive for a very long time. Only over the last couple of years have I felt a little more comfortable talking about the expediencies I have had.

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