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Keys to the Kingdom: Jesus & The Mystic KabbalahKeys to the Kingdom: Jesus & The Mystic Kabbalah
By Migene Gonzalez-Wippler
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (November 2004)
Pages: 223 – Price: $12.95 review

This fine book will cause controversy and stir up much debate in regard to the Kabbalistic teachings of Jesus Christ, revealed for the first time in this startling nonfiction book. Factual, and highly researched, it is Migene Gonzalez-Wippler at her finest. A cultural anthropologist, she is an award-winning author of numerous books 

There are some illustrations in the book. There is also a sealed message at the conclusion of the book which the author asks the reader not to open and read until having read the book and waited a week. This secret message will shock you, completely and totally.

The secret life of Jesus Christ is revealed. The author challenges the many popular Christian claims stating that Jesus was unmarried, childless, and virgin-born. The facts she presents are accurate and logical, and her perspective is straight-forward and honest.

There is a discussion of the Tree of Life and the Ten Commandments, and also the Kabbalah and the Lord’s Prayer. There is a complete list of correspondences of the spheres on the Tree of Life, and a concise, clear guide providing Kabbalistic rituals for those wishing to make direct contact with the divine energies found in the Tree of Life.

There are thirteen chapters, and the book is divided into four parts. Of particular interest are the chapters “The Holy Spirit,” “Letters of Light,” and “Revelations”. Part Four of the book discusses rituals and meditations.

Well-written, it is like reading a mystery where each page leads to a new discovery! For those interested in who Jesus was and what he actually did, this is the book for you. Highly recommended for its honesty and research, this book will surprise many readers with its insights.

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