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Home Encounters A Visit from Gramps

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Witness: Angie Palmer
Location: Canaan, New Hampshire
Date of Encounter: March 12, 2017

Just like many, I was extremely close to my grandparents. In 2016 I lost them both. First was my gramps in January, then my gram in December of 2016. When I was a kid they owned a snack bar/grocery store. My gram cooked in the kitchen and my gramps worked in the store. He was a butcher and he cut his meat in a walk in cooler. I helped my gramps in the store whenever I visited. I specifically remember watching him cut meat in the cooler. I remember helping him at the cash register. After hours I played in the aisles of the stores. Long story short, my fondest memories were of the snack bar/grocery store.

It was probably February or March of this year when I had my visitation dream. It was from my gramps. I just remember seeing him at the cash register. I was on the other side of the counter paying for my ice cream sandwich and Sprite. I woke up instantly and I felt such warmth. It was like I was enveloped in a hug wrapped in a blanket inside a sleeping bag.

I have yet to have my visitation dream from my gram, but I look forward to the day I do.

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