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Witness: Sarah
Location: Arlington, Texas
Date of Encounter: May 2009

In the spring/early summer of 2007, I had a very intense paranormal experience that I later realized through research and hearing other personal encounters, that I experienced an "out of body experience," (OBE) in which your brain begins to produce brain waves that are the same as that of your sleep brain waves, thus causing your body to "fall asleep," as your mind or spirit stays awake and is able to actually leave your physical body. After this happened to me it caused a chain reaction of life-altering experiences and epiphanies for me, and since then I've been on a mission to find the truth about everything paranormal, not just my experiences. I researched everything about OBE's down to the very science of how it works. I even learned the "step-by-step instructions" to self-inducing an OBE, which by the way, I do not recommend unless you have a professional with you as an OBE is literally a near-death experience. Within this last year starting around January, I have had random encounters with a female being I believe to either be my spirit guide, or a spirit that was around the night of my OBE/alien experience, thus sensing the increase in electromagnetic output from my body.

The first experience I had was shortly after I had brain surgery. (I had a pituitary adenoma, nothing too serious, all is well now.) Anyway, I was lying in bed alone one night trying to fall asleep to the faint monologue of Venture Brothers, when suddenly I began having a lucid dream (A lucid dream is the very relaxed trance-like state you're in before you fall into a deep sleep in which you have usually short and faint dream sequences.), except I was completely and utterly 100% awake. I saw visions of thorns, fire, and faces screaming in agony. I also saw two building bursting into flames and crashing to the ground. Rubble was everywhere, children and woman running hand-in-hand with an army tank following closely behind. Then, nothing… just red. Then at the very distance of my sight I see a very small square exit, no door, just a square hole in a wall. I'm moving through this corridor and finally I reach the end, and I look from the outside inwards and I see myself standing in that large square hole hundreds of feet above anything approaching "solid ground," on the side of a massive stone building, with no other "holes" or windows. Then everything is consumed by the most evil face I have ever seen. It appeared to be a male, with eyes a color I haven't seen before and cannot describe besides that it had a tint of yellow in them. His face was narrow, and it had two horns on its head, and it looked at "me" and grinned. I gasped and sat up crying out of pure fear. Then I hear what sounds like someone running around my room tapping on the walls. I asked my mother to come in and lay with me for comfort, and the visions began immediately again. My mom puts her cross necklace on me, and I wearyingly close my eyes and try one more time to go to sleep. And thank God, I see nothing! Just red from the blood in my eye lids. Then out of nowhere, I see a tornado of beautiful flowers, and in the center is a beautiful woman with skin the color of milk, eyes like emeralds, and hair the color of golden-bronze. Her hair was so beautiful, in very many small waves pushing outward all around her head like a water-Sun. She was floating in the middle of the flowers in the classic Indian-sitting position with her index and thumb touching as if in a meditative position. I don't remember what she was wearing if anything. And she just looked at me and smiled as if to say that she was there to help and I didn't have to be scared any more. I ended up naming this female being, "Porcelain," as I accepted her as my spirit guide after she appeared to me again multiple times in my sleep. She has entered my dreams several times, and she talks to me a lot. The only thing I remember her telling me was "good luck." And also one night I woke up and I was so incredibly drowsy, when I had not taken any sleep aids or anything else, and she was sitting next to me in my bed, appearing as a round dark-greenish solid mass. (I did not feel any evil or bad intentions from this mass, in fact I immediately felt the presence of Porcelain.) She has not talked to me in a few months that I recall, but I value her presence very much as I feel that the best way to describe her spirit as well as intentions is "guardian."

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