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It’s dark. The sounds of a rural autumn evening fill the air, and then… silence. It’s not the ambient silence you experience when you can still hear the sounds of nature, but an all-encompassing, eerie silence — with a shift in temperature, the soft breeze stilled, the air about you stifled and heavy — when that little voice in your head tells you something isn’t right.

These cues often indicate that a paranormal event is about to occur. How you react to this event will determine the level of intensity you feel. Even though the majority of haunting phenomena on battlefields are of a residual nature, sometimes you can still interact with ghostly visitors from the past.

I’ve been asked why my team and I get some of the most incredible footage and EVP when investigating the haunted history of a battlefield. There are several key elements we incorporate into our investigations. It goes beyond a process, and it’s more than just mere mechanics. Anyone can take pictures, record EVP or hunt for a personal encounter with a ghost on a battlefield. The question is: How many times will you have to go out into the field in order to achieve capturing a moment in history?

Considering the amount of documented eyewitness accounts, you most likely increase the probability of experiencing a paranormal event just by going to a battlefield. But if you’re seeking to actually trigger a paranormal event, you’ll need to incorporate what I call the Intuitive Science Method of investigating (ISM).

This method starts off with a simple premise: Walk onto the battlefield with respect, honor, and gratitude for the men who fought and died there. Let the Ghost Soldiers know you came to capture their story, their moment in time, so you can share it with others.

I always start my investigation on a battlefield by asking permission to interact with the soldiers who might be present there. The first thing I attempt to do is form a bond. A simple offering of water, for example, is all it takes to get a soldier’s attention. I let them know I appreciate what they did for their country and, in my case, that I also served my country.

If you haven’t been in the military, just allow yourself to imagine what it must have been like for these brave souls — bullets flying, shells exploding, and men dropping faster than the eye can count. How thirsty would you be for a drink of water after three or more hours of intense combat, fighting for your very life?

If you were in the military, you should be able to form a bond much more quickly. After all, a soldier is a soldier; the time period matters little. A soldier from the American Civil War will understand and relate to the GI in a foxhole during WWII. Even though the time was different, the mechanics are still the same — march, camp, eat (if you have food), march, fight, dig-in, and march some more.

The other elements of ISM are research, science, attitude, and psychic intuition. The research of the historical facts will accomplish two things: 1) a means for you to draw out the Ghost Soldiers; and 2) a way for you to validate information being received by a sensitive or investigative medium.

The equipment you use will help to validate the paranormal event and is critical in evaluating your evidence in order that you may determine what is a false-positive or proof-positive event. The attitude you have will determine if people, dead or alive, want to hang out with you. In my book, Battlefield Guide to Ghost Hunting, I cover these topics, plus stress the importance of using and listening to your psychic intuition. Your intuition will lead you to the most incredible evidence you’ll ever experience. The problem most people have involves learning how to listen to their “gut feelings” as opposed to second-guessing them.

Ted Andrews, in his book, How To Do Psychic Readings Through Touch, stresses the importance of not second-guessing your psychic intuition. This book focuses on psychometry, the ability to read the psychic impressions associated with all objects, places, and people.

My team and I gather compelling evidence because we approach the battlefield with respect, honor, and gratitude while incorporating the elements of ISM.

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