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Witness: Marlon
Location: Tijuana, Mexico
Date of Encounter: Ongoing

When I was 23 years old, the house we lived in flooded. It was back when El Nino hit. My parents vacated the house — a big one-story, four-bedroom house built in the 1940s. After it was cleaned up, I decided to stay. It wasn't long after that I started seeing shadows move along the living room walls. I repainted the house black and white and had black vertical blinds from ceiling to floor installed on all the windows. Not long after that, my friends started seeing things, especially in the third bedroom that was converted into a huge closet. Two of my friends who started seeing things have since passed away. George, who saw demonic images, died suddenly after his mom passed, and Roberto committed suicide (God rest their souls I loved you guys). I remember Roberto just feeling uneasy and never wanting to stay over.

My girlfriend at the time, and all other friends who came over, always said the house had a warm friendly feeling. Regardless that I was a bachelor, they said it felt like a happy home. I had various experiences where I saw things in my bathroom mirror, felt presences at my house when I was by myself, but I never felt afraid. I heard voices five minutes before someone showed up at my door and they told me who it was before they got there.

I had a friend we nicknamed Sherman, and one time I was in my room a good 200 feet from the door and heard someone say "Oh, it's Sherman." A couple of minutes later, he shows up at the house and knocks. When I asked him if he yelled at me from the outside, he said, "No, I didn't. I just got here."

There where many occasions where I was heartbroken from breaking up with my girlfriend and had no money to go out, when literally I found money under the bed and in the closet inside pants I had not worn in a while. This happened many times, so much so that I used to say, "Please help me, house spirit, I need some cash," and I would either get a bonus at work, find cash, had a friend come over and re pay loans, or won money at a casino or something. What is weird is that I have always felt that the house had a couple of spirits. I always felt a woman's presence, a child's, and that of a darker spirit, although the dark spirit only looked at me or I saw him from the corner of my eye. Regardless, I never felt afraid, but a couple of times I felt a heavy presence watching me.

I work at a hospital, and the other day I spent the night in a room and awoke in the early morning — 3 AM or so, and saw the shadow of a child touching my hair and had a moment where I was awake and had something prevent me from breathing and screaming for almost a minute. As I am writing this in my office, I feel a presence watching me, making me look out of the corner of my eye more than a couple of times.

I also have always felt that my guardian angel is with me and comforts me in a spiritual sense as feelings of dread are followed by a calming presence making feel safe.

The last house I lived in, prior to me moving back with my family (due to a bad divorce) was a huge property that had two houses. I also felt a presence there too, although I sometimes felt it was not malignant nor benevolent, and it appeared as a shadow walking across the huge yard.

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