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Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request]
Location: Welland, Ontario Canada
Date of Encounter: November 1995 – 2004

When I was 12, my family moved to a new house they built just outside of the city. Within the first week of being in that house, I started to notice some strange things in the backyard. Mind you, the backyard had no lights, and there were only four houses around, and each of the property sizes were about an acre, which is pretty big. I looked out the window, since the canal is there, we could see boats pass through. This one night, I was waiting for a boat to pass by (the exciting life of a 12 year old, huh?) and I saw this blue light start at the end of the first house's backyard, and zip its way through to the next house, and the next one, until it was in my backyard, and zip all the way back to the first house, and repeated everything it was doing. It was going pretty fast, and I was looking for things that it could be reflected off of, but there were no boats, and no bikes or anything that can make it zoom around as fast as it was. At first, I thought it was my imagination and settling in a new house, but I was seeing the same blue light zoom around for about four years. It seemed to have gone away after new neighbors started building more houses. I could never go into the backyard at night by myself, though, it always made me feel like I was being watched. Even when I got older and had bonfires in the summer with friends, I hated being out there after dark. That wasn't all, though.

Not long after we moved into the house, my grandfather passed away, and it seemed after that, the basement was giving me the creeps. I would be watching TV, and just above the couch, there was a clothesline for my dad's work clothes that was hanging to dry, and out of nowhere, it was like someone was walking by, brushing their hand against the clothes, and the hairs on my neck and arms just stood up. I thought it was my sister playing a prank, but I was the only one down there. Ever since that, that basement has given me the creeps. Even when I didn't think about being alone in the basement, something would happen that would send me upstairs in a split second, like the VCR rewinding or fast forwarding by itself when it was turned off, cold chills, the feeling of being watched, etc. Another time when I was about 18 at this point, I was working nights at a restaurant, I had a night off, and anyone who worked nights knows that 2 AM is like noon for us. I had walked out of my room to get a drink, I was wide awake, and my parents were asleep, of course. I walked toward the kitchen to see a black figure standing at the kitchen counter as if he was waiting for a drink from a bartender. I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing things, and it was still there, so I somehow mustered up the courage to ask who it was. It looked up as if I startled him and ran downstairs. I promptly ran right back to my own room. Not long after that, in March 2004, my grandmother passed away. About three weeks after the funeral, I was laying in my room, pitch black, trying to fall asleep, one hand on my stomach, and the other hand behind my head. Out of nowhere, I felt a cold hand lay itself on the hand I had on my stomach, then I saw a white light zoom across my room. I got right up, turned on the light, no one was there, but my room itself was cold, and I ran out to the living room and watch TV with the lights on. I've had other experiences at other people's houses as well, some of which were more fearful than my parents' home.

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