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Witness: TM
Location: Windsor, Virginia
Date of Encounter: March 4, 2006

One night while asleep I was being held down by who I thought was my father in law. I kept saying, "Get off me!" and struggling with him. His response was the same: "No, I have to tell you something."

We struggled for some time until I asked in the name of Jesus to get off. I could move then. This wasn't the first time this happened to me, though. I wrecked my car in Windsor. It was a bad accident. I had My friend's toddlers and my own three-year-old daughter in the car. I was hurt but managed to get out of the car and stand up. My cell was dead and I was moving in different directions to get a signal.

A man dressed in blue overalls and a red baseball cap walked up to me. He didn't say anything and I am screaming at him please help us. He looked at me and the kids and started to walk away. I thought he was on a tractor so I assumed he was going to get us help. There was no tractor. My cell suddenly got a signal and he was gone. I asked my friend's son and daughter about the farmer we saw. They still have no idea what I am talking about.

Other times I know things and see things. I have always had it. My brother, being a devout Christian, repeatedly had me exercised, but it didn't go away. I knew people's pasts. I described houses they had been in and lived in, and arguments between the husband and wife in the house. I didn't know them when they lived there.

At first I was terrified of it. I tried to hide. I went to church and a man at my church who is well revered said, "Jonah couldn't hide from God when he was trying to get out of going to Nineveh, and you can't hide from this. This is God." So I started listening to it often, quietly knowing but not saying what I saw unless I was led to say something. I still don't.

I have stood beside people in line who were so evil they took my breath away. I go into my friend's house where it is said to be haunted and where she has taken a Ouija board as a way of communicating and when I sit on her couch I can see these spirits. I can feel them on my shoulders. I can't breathe when I sit on her couch and have to leave. She has seen them too but they don't bother her. They do however say, "Shhh listen."

When you have this you have to listen… keep your mouth shut unless you feel led to say something. Recognize the difference between your will and being led. You can tell someone something you think may help them and really really hurt them in the end.

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