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Seattle, Washington –- Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma (AGHOST), in conjunction with Jefferson Davis, has announced the location for its 4th annual “Ghost Hunters Getaway.” This year’s Ghost Hunters Getaway will be held on November 11th & 12th in picturesque Astoria, Oregon at the Hotel Elliot. This luxury hotel was built in 1924 and its third floor is reported to be haunted. 

The Getaway agenda will include lectures, seminars and classes in ghost hunting related topics. Also available will be ghost and historic tours of beautiful Astoria. Guest speakers will include Jeff Belanger, author of Our Haunted Lives and Encyclopedia of Haunted Place, Joshua Alper, Producer and Director of numerous television programs including episodes of Unsolved Mysteries and the History Channel’s Haunted History and Jefferson Davis, Author of A Haunted Tour Guide to the Pacific Northwest and three volumes of Ghosts, Critters and Sacred Places of Washington and Oregon.

Tickets for the getaway can be purchased through the AGHOST Web site, For more information visit the Jefferson Davis’s website,, the AGHOST Web site or call our AGHOST line at (253) 203-4383.

About AGHOST: Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma is the most advanced technical paranormal research group in the Pacific Northwest. During paranormal investigations, our team combines hi-tech equipment with qualified psychics, research and training for successful results. We work with the basic investigative tools such as cameras (35 mm and digital), audio and video recording devices, and EMF detectors, as well as the most advanced computerized surveillance equipment including infrared motion sensor cameras. Each member of our investigation team has been thoroughly trained in their areas of responsibility. AGHOST has earned the respect of some of the most important names in the paranormal field.

About Jefferson Davis: Jefferson Davis was born in Vancouver, WA. He has a Bachelors degree in Anthropology and a MA in Archaeology and has worked for the US Forest Service as an archaeologist. Books include: “A Haunted Tour Guide to the Pacific Northwest”, and “Ghosts, Strange Critters and Sacred Places of Washington and Oregon”. Jeff is currently working on “Haunted Astoria, the Tour Guide”.

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