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Witness: Missy
Location: Escanaba, Michigan
Date of Encounter: Late May 2006

My house was built by my dad and we were the only people living in it forever. The property we live on used to be a huge farm. 

We have experienced doors opening unexpectedly and things like that, and when my sister was little, in the morning she would always talk about a man coming into the room and talking to her. Of course being older now and not believing in ghosts, she totally denies seeing anything. Also if you knew my sister, she has the most amazing memory of anyone I know. 

Another encounter occurred when my older sister saw a little girl in our living room. The room became very cold and the little girl was crying. My mom came home to find my sister crying and very upset.

The people in our house also take/give things back to us. One time I just got finished playing cards and went to the bathroom. When I got back I noticed some cards were missing. I said, "When I get back I want all my cards back in the middle of the room." I went down stairs and got something to drink and when I got back there were the cards in a perfect pile.

To show there is some reason why I put in the information about the farm, here is my story. It happened last year. I was laying in my bed and I had just turned off my TV. One of my parents had just gone back into their room after going to the bathroom. Their room is right next to mine so I always feel safe but that night was different. About five minutes later I heard a sound. It came from the bathroom, it sounded like the toilet paper roll being rolled. I just shrugged it off and figured it was one of my parents going to the bathroom. I had just rolled over and maybe five minutes later I got really, really cold. I had my fan on so I thought I was cold because of that. Then all of a sudden my bed started to shake and I was shivering fiercely. Me being scared of the dark, I hid under my covers until it passed. It lasted only a few seconds. I had a hunch it was my great grandpa because the night he died I had seen him in my room. I know now that it was in fact a spirit because my parents were both asleep. I know because I heard my dad snoring.

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