Ghosts, Haunting, and Legends
The Wizard of Warren, New Hampshire
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In Episode 80, Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger explore the small town...
Photo by Frank Grace
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Name: Kathy Livigston Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada Date: January 1988 My dear Mom was dying of colon cancer. We were surrounded by her as she...
Seguin Island Lighthouse’s Haunted Piano
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In Episode 79, Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger head out to Seguin... News
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The New England Legends Podcast Hits One Million Downloads The New England-based podcast New England Legends, now in its second year, is celebrating a milestone...
The Brokenhearted Ghost of Edgar Allan Poe
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In Episode 78, Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger take a Valentine’s Day...
Vermont’s Psychic Eddy Brothers
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In Episode 77, Jeff Belanger and Ray Auger drive up to the...