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Name: Kathy Livigston
Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Date: January 1988

My dear Mom was dying of colon cancer. We were surrounded by her as she took her last breath. I was on her left side, stroking her hair and had my hand on her shoulder… just so she could feel that we were still there for her and that she wasn’t alone.

After her last breath, I stood by her thinking that she’s gone. Then I saw a vapor, shaped like an oval moving quietly up toward the ceiling. I watched this vapor for a few moments, wondering to myself, what is that? Normally, I would of said something to my husband or my brother at the time as I’m watching this oval, but it was as if I wasn’t meant to say anything.

When we went back to my parents’ house, I told my Dad what I had seen. He literally jumped out of his chair and said he saw a flash come from her head when she stopped breathing. My husband and my brother were in the hospital room too when my Mom died, but they hadn’t seen anything.

For weeks, I thought constantly about what my Dad and I saw. Why we were the only two that had that experience, and where was this oval vapor going? It was my first thought of the morning and my last thought of the night… I was consumed by the vapor experience.

Then I had a dream where I was walking in darkness and saw a pin prick hole of light. As I moved closer to the light, it was so bright, but not a blinding light. I could hear laughter, like people having a great time chatting. Once the bright light was gone, I was in a waiting room were there were all these people seated and having a wonderful time chatting and waiting for something. I thought to myself, that the coffee table was so long! Then across, I looked up and saw my Mom, I smiled to her and she smiled back and said, “Kathy, in time you will understand.”

After she said that, I woke up from my sleep and realized she was telling me to stop obsessing about what I saw the night she died. And I did mostly stop thinking about it.

I am very grateful for this gift she gave me. It opened me up to the paranormal and spiritually, it changed my view on life and death. Thanks, Mom xoxo

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