Ghost encounters submitted from around the world including photos, videos, and first-hand accounts.
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Witness: Tina Manning Location: Scotland, Maryland Date of Encounter: November 12, 2001 Click on picture for larger view.
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Witness: Rebecca Reynolds Location: Laurinburg, South Carolina Date of Encounter: 1992 (Email withheld upon request). One night I was stayed over at my...
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Witness: Tiffany Nelson Location: Savannah, Georgia Date of Encounter: On-going, I met my husband two years ago at a bar. About a...
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Witness: Cindy Kackowski Location: New Britian, Connecticut Date of Encounter: Late 1980's, Click on picture for larger view.
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Witness: Denise Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Date of Encounter: May 14, 2001 My friend's brother had just been murdered and I was at...
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Witness: Jeff Belanger Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Date of Encounter: April 27 Click on picture for larger view.
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Witness: Ball Cemetery Location: Omaha, Nebraska Date of Encounter: March 23 One night me and a couple friends went to Ball Cemetery...
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Witness: Sonia Robinson Location: Charlotte Beach, Rochester Date of Encounter: New York Click on picture for larger view.
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Witness: Sonia Robinson Location: Rochester, New York Date of Encounter: July 2000, Click on picture for larger view.
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Witness: Tim Location: Knoxville, Tennessee Date of Encounter: 1990 I worked for a few years cleaning a transmission parts plant at night. I...