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Witness: Beth
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Date of Encounter: Mid 1970s

Most of this story has been lost in time, but I will try to remember as much of it as possible. Sometime around 1975 or 76, my sister and two of our cousins — all in either junior high, or high school at the time — were playing around with a tape recorder in my bedroom. I was living several thousand miles away at the time so the room wasn't being used and was basically the way I had left it about a year or so before. They decided to make a recording of themselves singing along with a song by Neil Sedaka (remember, this was the mid 70s). I'm not exactly sure about the title of the song, but it may have been "Love Will Keep Us Together." When the song finished, they quickly rewound the tape to find out how they sounded. When it ended they realized that there was something very odd about this tape — there was another voice — very faint, but completely audible that said, "I've got to get back, man." They re-played the Sedaka song on the LP several times to see if it may have come from that, but could never hear anything except on the tape recorder. After listening to this several times they all got the willies and decided that it was something evil and (much to my later chagrin) erased it. We still don't know who it was who had to "get back" or why, and nothing like this has ever happened again. But this strange recording incident still gives my sister the creeps when I mention it almost 30 years after the fact.

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