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Tiffany Johnson - Your Psychic Life is Tiffany's monthly column on being psychic.
You know, I often think what I wonderful job I have. Most often that “warm fuzzy” comes shortly after I do some mediumship work with a client. (Mediumship, just to be clear, is connecting with those who have crossed over.) It’s especially there after I reconnect a parent with a child who has crossed over.

Many times prior to a mediumship session I get asked how a typical reading transpires. My first reaction is to let them know that there is never a “typical” session. All are unique and special to each individual client. Because everyone has particular needs, no one reading mirrors another.

Most often during a Mediumship session, those who come through from the other side will mention a date that is held dear to them. This may be an anniversary, birthday, or time of passing. That is often their first validation to the “sitter” (person getting the reading). Next, they will often start mentioning things that the client has been thinking about doing — perhaps contemplating a remodeling project; it may be the consideration of purchasing a new car; or it may be a job change. They very much like to have their opinion(s) shared.

Following the initial “introduction,” if you will, they typically pause to answer any questions that may be lingering. The client can then bring closure to any pain, loss, etc. that may have been on their mind. Frequently, I’m asked about lost items, the death process, who crossed who over, and so forth.

At this point, many things could/can happen. They may pull their energies back, as this is sometimes taxing for those on the other side. (It takes a great deal of concentration, focus, and energy to connect with me or any medium.) They may ask someone else to come through to give other messages to the family, or they simply may direct the conversation to others that they would like to pass along messages to. It’s really up to the soul.

Finally, and this always does occur, they give messages of love. And not only messages of love, but also understanding for possible past miscommunications, arguments, or any ill will that may have transpired while they were on this Earth plane. They have (and we will too, once we pass) achieve great clarity (although it’s not omnipotent) on many things that happened, or issues that arose during their lives. Take those messages with the greatest amount of comfort.

There’s nothing scary about a mediumship session, and often it gives great comfort to those who are searching for lasting peace.

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