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Tiffany Johnson - Your Psychic Life is Tiffany's monthly column on being psychic.
I’ve been getting the word “decompression” a lot lately. I’m hearing it in meditation as well as hearing it in readings for clients. More than likely, it’s due to the hustle and bustle of the holidays passing us by. It prompted me to think about what it means.

In my meager understanding, decompression is a release of sorts. A “letting go” of whatever is making something stretch. The opposite of compression — which means compact. Filled. Stretched to the limit. So I pose the question to you: “Are you willing to decompress?”

In this day and age of hurry up’s and must have’s, we miss out on the time in between endeavors. We compact all we can into our days. Heck, we have instant messaging, automatic deposit, and drive thru coffee shops. Now, I’m all for being efficient with time, but are we allowing ourselves, with the extra time we’ve accrued, to “decompress?”

I don’t believe that God implied on the 7th day to give up all activities, but I do believe that the message is there to rest. Decompress, if you will. Take some time for reflection without filling your time up with action. Even those things we feel are relaxing often have action and movement associated with them. Golf for instance. Or fishing. It’s great to be in the out of doors, but are we only finding them relaxing as a true distraction to our hectic lives?

Take time to simply think. Stare out the window. Read a book. Allow your body to take a breather. You don’t need to do something every moment of every hour of every day. Make a promise to yourself to make time for you!! You’ll be better for it!

I’m not saying it’s easy. We’re programmed to be productive. And if we don’t have that satisfaction, guilt settles in. It’s a toughie. But work to reprogram yourself. Take 2-3 hours to really rest. Rest the body without sleep. See what you come up with. Allow things to settle in. You’ll be amazed at the clarity you’ll have after your “time out.”

Not only will the body benefit, but the mind will as well. Your attitude will change and therefore many relationships around you will benefit. For those of you working on your psychic development, you will realize that psychic channels will open up more readily and information will flow with more consistency. If psychic abilities rely on the mind being open, then the idea of decompression will only serve to work in your favor.

Make this extra time a gift to you, which ultimately, benefits all.

Now to answer a reader’s question:

Hi Tiffany, my name is Jeff, and I am wondering what you can tell me about spirit guides? Like, can anyone have a spirit guide? How can I reach my spirit guide? Are there such things as spirit guides, and can they be trusted, and what are they? Hope to hear from ya soon.

Great questions, Jeff! Yes, anyone and everyone has at least one spirit guide. The easiest way to start working with your guide is to simply set the intention to do so. You may, in your mind, want to say thank you to those unseen helpers that work with you everyday and ask them to communicate to you in more distinct ways. As we have chosen them to work with us, they can and should be trusted! They too, have lived lives here on Earth and understand the complexities that life brings!

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