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Witness: Christina R.
Location: Wildomar, California
Date of Encounter: June 18-19, 2007

My friend Cilla, Erin, and I, on the day after the photoshoot at the cemetery spent the night at Cilla's house, which has been proven to be haunted many times over by Cilla's niece (who is two and a half years old). Erin had fallen asleep about midnight, and Cilla and I kept talking. It was 2 AM when we checked the clock last. I then distinctively saw in the empty corner of her dark room two yellow, glowing eyes staring at me. They looked human-like, and were the correct size, but the manic-grin that was with it was not. The slightly yellow grin extended the lower half of the face area about three inches below the outer corner of the left eye to the same on the other side and bent like the crescent moon. I had seen these eyes before, and they didn't mean good news in my life (last time I saw them, I spent the next few months insanely depressed and failing school).

I buried my face into Cilla's chest-area out of natural reaction and I was suddenly sobbing uncontrollably. When I see/sense the paranormal, I start tearing up, even without my own knowledge sometimes. She asked me what was wrong and it was like I almost couldn't talk. I felt like I was choking and managed, "Eyes… those eyes… wolf…sheep's clothing… yellow." She knew what I meant by that, because we have seen yellow eyes around before that were spirits who actually just follow me to watch or protect. She threw the blanket over both of us and even in the summer-hot night I was freezing. She whispered stuff in what I assumed to be Latin (her connection of spiritual safety, like a Christian prayer). Then she sat up straight and whispered to me to stay put. Then it was like I had a seizure, my entire body went numb and started shaking uncontrollably, but I still was awake/conscious. After that, I really don't remember what she was doing, but I saw her sitting up and she was talking (nothing I could hear), and I felt this pain in my stomach, like the after-effect of getting punched by a body-builder. I couldn't inhale, only let out shaky pants on occasion. I whispered something to Cilla (I don't know what) and she said something else in Latin and my body began relaxing. She said that it was really bad. A poltergeist was her guess, one who knew that we trusted "Yellow Eyes."

From my personal experiences with the paranormal, if my guesses are correct, the poltergeist tried to possess my body or change something in my body. Since then my ability to see was weakened and I am waiting for the return so I can see my little brother's spirit again. Cilla told me on June 21st that the young boy spirit is worried about you, he's been knocking over my dragon statues in my room.

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