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Witness: Carole Newman
Location: Huntington, West Virginia
Date of Encounter: August 2005

My encounter is a very happy one for me. Sadly, I lost one of the biggest loves and supporters in my whole life on March 28, 2004. She was my precious mother.

I was a very insecure and sickly child growing up, and I always could count on my mom to make me feel better, no matter how high the fever, or how low the depression.

Shortly after her death, I noticed yellow (my favorite color) butterflies would fly into my car while I was driving. When I was walking, they would hit me on the head and fly around me like they were trying so hard to tell me something. I started getting comfort from these beautiful butterflies because I would always say, "Hi, mommy, I'm so glad you are with me."

One day, I became very sick and had to be transported by ambulance to the hospital. I was having PVC's and they thought I was having a heart attack. I had to spend the night and undergo a lot of tests the next morning. I began to cry in the hospital room that night, and out loud I said, "If only I could see a butterfly I would know that mommy was here with me." Of course, that was impossible since I was locked up in a tightly secured hospital with all the windows shut.

The next morning they came and got me for a stress test. As I was putting my walking shoes on for the test, I happened to glance over to the wall in front of the tread mill. To my wonderful surprise, there stood a picture of a whole field of yellow butterflies. I was so happy, and I knew in my heart that my mom was there with me during the stress test.

I told the nurse my story about the butterflies, and she said, "Oh, my gosh, we just put that picture up this morning."

You can believe this story, or choose not to believe it, but I would swear to anyone that it happened. I passed the stress test with a smile on my face, and I have been looking for my yellow butterflies ever since that day. When I see one I just say, "I love and miss you, mommy." Thank you for always being here for me.

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