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Four Seasons of Mojo: An Herbal Guide to Natural Living by Stephanie Rose BirdFour Seasons of Mojo: An Herbal Guide to Natural Living
By Stephanie Rose Bird
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (March 2006)
Pages: 229 – Price: $16.95 review

For a perspective on everyday Hoodoo in natural living and magick, Four Seasons of Mojo is memorable reading. Stephanie Rose Bird is a gifted writer whose knowledge of Hoodoo is extensive. She is a respected hereditary intuitive, contemporary rootworker, visionary, and solitary green Witch. Her background as a Witch is well-documented and she is a prolific writer.

This book is a precise and in-depth look at African and Hoodoo based crafts, recipes, rituals, herbalism, folklore, magick, and ethnobotany. Many remedies for good health through holistic approaches are given and shared with the reader. The book has eighteen chapters. There are four sections — winter, spring, summer, and autumn. Each season has its own special charm and endearments. The reader will discover many things of practical help, and a hands-on approach to use. As an herbal guide to natural living, Four Seasons of Mojo is a pleasant and comfortable reading journey, one which readers will find intoxicating it is revelations. The spells in this book are invaluable and interesting to study for personal use. 

Bird handles seasonal Mojo in a fine, literate manner. Her writing style is smooth, concise, and imaginative. Her instructions for casting individual spells are accurate.

Chapter Fourteen, “The Healing Garden,” will be a useful reading experience, among others. In fact, every chapter in this book is an exciting reading trip all its own! There is much to learn from this book, and Stephanie Rose Bird shares her knowledge openly and freely with the reader in an honest effort to impart useful facts which will benefit the reader.

As a herbal guide to natural living, Stephanie Rose Bird’s Four Seasons of Mojo is one of the best on the market. It is current, full of useful facts, and enjoyable reading. 

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