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Witness: (Name withheld upon request)
Location: Lakeland, Florida
Date of Encounter: August 20, 2001

It started about a month after a really good friend of mine died. I was awakened in the middle of the night because I kept hearing someone whispering in my room. I just thought I left the radio on, but I checked it and it wasn't on. Eventually I feel back to sleep… how, I don't know… and I didn't have any other encounters for the next month or so.

The next encounter happened when I came home from hanging with friends. As I got closer to my house I started feeling really cool and almost frightened. Then I noticed my bedroom light come on and the image of a female was standing at my window and appeared to be looking out of it! Then the light just turned off. I was thinking it was my mother but when I got home I found out that my mom wasn't even there!

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