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Witness: Mariah
Location: Waco, Kentucky
Date of Encounter: January 2012

This happened just yesterday and I need to document this somewhere while it is still fresh in my mind.

So I was spending the night with my friend and we were sleeping outdoors. It was a full moon and I rested in a wonderful moonbeam. There wasn’t a tree or shrub that stood in the way.

At around 3:00 a.m., we were still awake telling ghost stories. I had a flashlight under my chin to make the shadows stand out on my face. In the middle of a story, we both heard a noise that scared the bejeezus out of us. It sounded as though an animal was prowling around us in a circle. I shined the flashlight around us but saw nothing.

Then, suddenly, the flashlight went black. The darkness startled us, but the battery just went dead. I was prepared for this. I went to grab the replacement batteries from beside me, but was shocked to discover that they had disappeared! I opened the bottom of the flashlight and dumped the batteries into my hand, but those had vanished too!

By that point, we were freaked out and we decided to go to sleep. I just wanted to bury my head in my sleeping bag. But right before I closed my eyes, I saw a wolf-like ghost-like creature walking in protective circles around my friend. This creature had a tannish-brown color with a tint of silver. It was also shadowy, like a spirit. It wasn’t of this world, that is for sure.

I went to sleep quickly after that even though I was scared out of my mind. To be honest, I was probably in some sort of shock. I didn’t have any dreams, but I told my friend about this the next morning. Neither of us understood what it meant.

But to this day, I still see the wolf-ghost stalking around my house during the full moon.

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