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The answer is,YES! At least for me it is,but I’ve heard and /or seen the dead since I was a child.

Lee did not leave when he passed. He talks to me frequently. It’s as if he walked into another room and came back invisible. He is more understanding, calmer (most of the time — he never did like it when I would say most of the time,but as I told him nothing is 100% any of the time). He still is non-specific about things. This past week, I was in the shower and I heard Lee say twice, “be careful.” I asked several times what I needed to be careful about. I never received an answer, but seconds later I almost fell in the shower. We had our first tiff (since his passing) at that time. It was the same old tiff that we had had occasionally since and before our marriage. He would say something without saying the words that made it a complete sentence. It was like I was living Jeopardy, and I was supposed to guess what the question or answer was.

He has never left. Every so often he’ll ask for a certain song to be played. I put the CD on, close my eyes and we’re dancing, as we always did when these songs were played. I often feel him touch me. I remind him frequently that we made a promise to each other that who ever passes first waits for the other and come back together (different families). This way we will be closer in age and have our children together. I want him to wait for me but his level of patience is shorter than mine at times. Despite our differences, HE was my crazy Welsh-man, My Honey-man, My soul mate.

To prove further that life carries on after death, the day my father left his body (which was in a hospital on vent and lots of IV’s), I was sitting at my table, when I hear his voice say, “No tears kid. No tears.” That was my father alright, a Marine to the end. I thought about calling my mother to see how she was doing, but before I could I received a call from one of my aunt’s, telling me that my father didn’t have much time left. I had to go to the hospital and explain to my mother that dad had already left his body and we needed to turn off the machines. My fathers body stopped breathing within a minute. My father passed two months and four days after Lee. I stayed the first two months with my mother at that time. The day after his passing I woke up to find a Bible on my bag. I asked mom if she had left it:she said no, she did not even know who’s it might be. I opened the Bible, there was not information written in it. But, the more I looked the more I new it was dads.My mother was shocked. My dad never talked about religion or church. He made sure I found his Bible. Lee and I both followed the teachings of Vedanta for years. So I was accepting all this without problems,but others worried over it for a day or two. I believe that there is no such thing as ab-normal,para-normal, everything is normal for what ever it is.

I miss the physical touch with Lee. Some days it’s very hard. I miss my mom and dad visits, and our visits to see them. He is still in the home that my mother and he shared for over 40 years. They had been married 58 years. Lee and I had been married 17 years. He was 13 years older than me.

We have two full time spirits in our home, Wiliford and Samuel (a child 5-7 years old). We talk to Samuel with a green flashlight and “yes” “no” questions. I go up stairs sometimes just to sit and listen, in-case some one feels like talking. My grandson who is autisticly normal, calls Samuel his spirit brother. He also sees and hears things that many others don’t. My daughter also has these gifts. Together we make sure that he’s not brain washed, sorry, civilized into not believing.

This is just a slight example of why I know there is life after death.

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