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Tiffany Johnson - YOur Psychic Life is Tiffany's monthly column on being psychic.

Welcome to my premiere column here on! Honestly, I’m honored that Jeff approached me about writing an article. Understanding psychics and psychism is hot topic in the realm of parapsychology and the paranormal. Some feel that there is no hard evidence or science to back up a psychic’s work. Others feel like psychic abilities have been proven, but we simply haven’t found the reasoning. Either way, I hope I can shed some light on what psychics are about!

A little about me… Prior to my interest and study in the metaphysical world were my first psychic/paranormal experiences. I remember waking up in the middle of the night, at about the age of three, to “people” standing around my bed, talking to each other. I’d wake up due to the chatter. These “people” were somewhat transparent, but I believed that because I was in the dark, that it was just the lighting causing the shadow-like figures. Subsequently, I’d listen to what those standing around my bed would say. As they were talking — not to me but simply around me — it was like overhearing a conversation. So, I wouldn’t engage. I’d just observe. After a bit, I’d fall back asleep. I would bring up the messages that I had heard the night before to my mother over a bowl of cereal the next morning, and she would confirm much of the information was regarding past relatives that I had, at my age, no knowledge of.

As soon as I could read, I remember being drawn to the “New Age” section of the bookstores. It was if my path was being defined and shown to me at a very young age. I started reading and researching the metaphysical and spiritual world at 10. I would buy books on everything from Madam Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce to Gypsy Love Magic. Honest. I think I still have that book. In case you’re interested, it’s written by Raymond Buckland. What was a little odd, was that I “got it” as a child. I resonated with what various astrologers, psychics, and theologians were trying to explain. It made sense to me. I felt as if I was reading about myself and my experiences long before having them.

Consequently, I’ve been providing readings for over 20 years. And no, I’m not 102. I was fortunate to start reading for friends and family when I was about 12. I was lucky… I wasn’t called a freak. People just understood, from a very young age that this (metaphysical/psychic world) was what I was about. Even now, running into former high school classmates, they often ask if I am still doing that “card crap.” It always makes me laugh that they, long before I, saw that this was something that was going to be part of my life and not a passing fancy.

I’m excited to share with the Ghostvillagers my experiences and knowledge that I have accrued along my path. And, I’m most excited to hear from you about what you’d like to understand better. So, yes, I want to hear from you. Send me your questions about how I work, what I think of the Ouija board, anything at all! I want to know what I can help you better comprehend about what a psychic is, does and experiences. I know that there are a lot of misconceptions about psychics; so, I also, hope to put those to rest.

Just a little exercise to work on until next time… When you’re in the shower, visualize not only your body becoming clean, but also the energies around you. See any residual negativity running down the drain preparing you for the day’s events. Honestly, it’s very centering and great preparation to heighten your awareness for psychic messages!

Send me an email at, and look for your answers here! Talk to ya next month!

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