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Witness: Chuck
Location: Barrington, Illinois
Date of Encounter: January 2008

This encounter was over very quickly, and I honestly don't have any idea what I actually saw. This occurred in the town of Barrington, Illinois, on Barrington's somewhat famous Cuba Road — right in front of Barrington's somewhat famous White Cemetery. (Both White Cemetery and Cuba Road have been featured in "Haunted America"-type books.) I've traveled this road for close to 20 years now, having both lived and worked in Barrington. I had heard and read all the stories about Cuba Road and White Cemetery, and even posted on the Ghostvillage message boards about the mysteries of the two. I had never experienced anything supernatural until January of 2008. It occurred at about 5:40 in the morning, and it was still pitch black outside. The area near the cemetery is very dark, the only light sources coming from the porch lights of scattered nearby houses. As I was driving east bound on Cuba road, I could see, about a quarter mile up the road, a single white bicycle headlight coming toward me. It was very bright. I thought to myself that it was rather early for anyone to be riding a bicycle, not to mention how dark it still was and how cold it was. I continued driving toward the "bicycle headlight" when it suddenly split into five separate headlights! Now there were five bicycle headlights coming toward me. The lights were there for a total of about three seconds. Then in the very next moment, all five lights were gone. I couldn't help but find this incredibly odd. Then, as I got closer to the area in which I had seen the five lights, I realized the light, and then the five lights, had lit up right along the road next to White Cemetery! I slowed and looked all around as best I could. From my vehicle, I looked through the iron fence of the cemetery. There was nothing in there to see. There are two side streets which 'T' at Cuba road, across from the cemetery. I could see no one or any bicycles anywhere on either street. I have no idea what I actually saw. If they were "orbs," then they were incredibly bright. I keep looking for more occurrences, as I still drive right past the cemetery almost every day. I haven't seen anything supernatural at all. However, there was one morning this past October, and right at the same approximate time, 5:40 am, when I did in fact encounter… a man riding a bicycle right past the cemetery!

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